Digital customer identification for financial institutions.

Leverage robust artificial intelligence (AI) technology for added protection when adding new endpoints or conducting sensitive transactions. Performed in real-time, digital customer identification eliminates the need for physical presence and reduces the risk of human error, resulting in cost and time savings, while mitigating the risk of fraud.

How it works.
Identity verification uses a face scan software development kit (SDK) that enables an intuitive user experience and instant capture of high-quality images. 

Watch this video to see Identity Verification in action.

Market trends.

The benefit of machine learning and AI-powered identity verification and biometric technology is that it is trained continuously to become more accurate and spoof-resistant to keep pace with fraudsters’ sophisticated tactics. –
Artificial intelligence
The share of US consumers who have given up on an online or mobile account opening process due to problems completing the application.
Making identity proofing, fraud detection, and user authentication capabilities work together across the user journey can improve risk mitigation, reduce costs, and boost innovation in product or service offerings. – Gartner
Unified approach
Percentage of consumers who are willing to share information if it delivers easier future access to the account or service.

How identity verification can help.

Entersekt’s identity verification product helps easily identify and authenticate any high-risk interaction, or the additional of an endpoint, by scanning faces and validating customers with an intuitive user experience and real-time verification via remote checks. This, while increasing transaction speed and reducing abandonment rates.
Protects against
Product highlights
Deep fakes
Account takeover fraud
New account fraud
Payment fraud
Synthetic identity fraud
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Liveness detection
Machine learning
Highly scalable

Outcomes for your business.

Reduced operational costs:
  • Recover customer accounts without the customer visiting a branch.

  • Use a single vendor and integration for all identity and authentication needs.

  • Machine learning enables scale.
User experience:
  • Ease of adding additional devices for banking purposes (no need to consult the bank or visit the branch).

  • Great user guidance to streamline customer authentication.

  • Touchless guided capture experience for selfies on all capable devices.

  • <1% false positives/negatives under test conditions.
Fraud prevention:
  • Authenticate under any situation dependent on risk.

  • Provide additional layers of security, much safer than passwords.

  • Liveness detection offers an additional layer of defence against stolen IDs.

  • When used in conjunction with Entersekt’s authentication suite, it creates a highly secure alternative for customers.
Identity verification is part of Entersekt’s proprietary Context Aware™ Authentication solution that uses risk-based authentication data, a customer’s cross-channel interactions, and personalized authentication preference to minimize friction, prevent fraud, and deliver the best customer experience. Benefits include:

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