Your customers deserve not only the best in fraud protection, but also the best authentication experiences in the moment, without unnecessary friction. Now, you can give it all to them with Context Aware™ Authentication from Entersekt.

One-size-fits-all authentication is out. And you’re in.

Context Aware™ Authentication

Seamless access
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Fast Deployment Requires no Mobile app
Locking down a single channel in isolation is no longer enough to prevent fraud. Criminals simply evolve their target and tactic. You need all-out, cross-channel protection.
Eliminate SIM-swap Fraud

Fraudsters are out

Seamless, Inclusive Authentication
Ensure the context of each interaction with your customer drives the use of the best available authentication mechanism, removing friction and optimizing the user experience in the process.
Provide a layered approach to customer authentication that takes advantage of the latest in both active and passive authentication technology across multiple channels.

Superior user experiences

All channels, secured

Benefits for your business.
Context Aware™ Authentication considers the originating channel, the transaction context, the available authentication mechanisms, as well as your customer’s choice to determine the most appropriate authentication journey, in real-time.

All-out, cross-channel fraud prevention.

Cover all gaps in your digital, data and payment channels, whether your customers are engaging through web browsers or their mobile devices.

Seal all entry points for fraud.

Available through a single, API-based implementation, Entersekt ensures a fast time to market for multiple customer authentication tools, promoting vendor consolidation and offering a streamlined experience.

Get to market, fast.

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Context Aware™ Authentication combines an ecosystem of third-party integrators and both silent and active authenticators to create the most secure and seamless user experience possible, across all digital and payment channels.

It considers all of the following to provide a complete, context-rich picture of both the user and the interaction in real-time:
What is Context Aware™ Authentication?
  • The channel through which the customer engages, such as a mobile app, web browser, mobile browser, call center, or chatbot even.
  • The reason they’re engaging, which could range from logging into their bank account to making a purchase online.
  • What the user has available to authenticate their interaction, such as a banking app.
  • Their authentication preferences – some users, for example, may have chosen not to download their bank’s app.
  • Their device information, transaction details and usual behavior, which are used to assess risk signals and to recommend the appropriate authentication mechanism.
Hello, Authentication 2.0.

Context Aware™ Authentication delivers unmatched, bank-grade security for your customers, while ensuring optimal authentication experience across all your channels.

In turn, you reap the benefits of significantly reduced transaction abandonment rates, user frustration, and customer churn, and increased success across your business.
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