Stop fighting modern-day fraud with outdated authentication.

With Browser Authentication from Entersekt, financial institutions (FIs) can futureproof their browser channel as part of a more modern, secure Context Aware™ Authentication strategy.

How it works.

Browser Authentication enables FIs to both silently and actively identify and protect customers transacting via their browsers, while delivering enhanced user experiences. Thanks to FIDO-enabled passkeys, passwordless methods – with or without an app – are now a reality.

Watch this video to see Browser Authentication in action.

Market trends.

The cost of consumer fraud losses in 2022.
Share of consumers interested in using biometrics to verify their identity or to make payments.
> $8.8 billion
The average that a device fingerprint containing sensitive personal data persisted for.
11 weeks
The number of US consumers who immediately block cookie consent when visiting a webpage.
> 40%
Percentage of users who feel that being protected from browser fingerprinting is important to them.

How Browser Authentication can help.

PSD2 SCA compliant
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Account takeover fraud
SIM-swap fraud
Credential stuffing
Vishing & phishing
Digital transaction signing
In-channel authentication
Minimal device drift & collision
Out-of-band authentication
Thanks to its world-class set of features, Browser Authentication from Entersekt protects your customers against the most dangerous fraud attack vectors threatening FIs today, while effectively reducing reliance on device fingerprinting and cookies.
Protects against
Product highlights

Outcomes for your business.

Reduced reliance on device fingerprinting and cookies
  • Minimize the impact of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) decision to disable device fingerprinting soon due to privacy concerns.

  • Bypass cookies, which are increasingly being blocked – either manually by consumers or automatically by systems.

  • Provide consistency into the future with a solution built on new industry standards that are unaffected by these challenges.
World-class user experiences
  • Enable silent browser attestation or active biometric authentication on all major browsers to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • Combine the silent and active modes of Browser Authentication to ensure virtually unlimited persistence of a unique browser identity.

  • Pave the way for seamless multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your browser channel.
A more secure and versatile browser channel for banking
  • Transform your customers’ browser-based transactions into strong possession factors by cryptographically proving possession of a specific browser on a specific domain.

  • Digitally sign data from a customer’s browser, proving origin, integrity, and consent.

  • Enable multiple use cases, ranging from secure login to payment authentication.
Browser authentication is part of Entersekt’s proprietary Context Aware™ Authentication solution that uses risk-based authentication data, a customer’s cross-channel interactions, and personalized authentication preference to minimize friction, prevent fraud, and deliver the best customer experience. Benefits include:

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