Approving a transaction or gaining secure access to your account should be as easy as unlocking your phone. Offer customers secure and seamless user experiences with biometric authentication from Entersekt.

Complicated authentication is out. And you’re in.

What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric authentication solution
If your organization still relies on outdated authentication methods like passwords and SMT OTP, then you’re probably making life difficult for your customers. A frustrating login process might send them running for the hills. With a modern, passwordless approach, customers won’t even notice the verification process. And you can stop worrying about customer retention.
Passwordless authentication eases frustrating login processes.
Biometric authentication solves multiple user experience challenges.
* Additional authentication factors available from Entersekt.
Platform-agnostic solution

No app required

Biometric authentication from Entersekt is platform agnostic, so your customers can authenticate themselves on their desktop or mobile device – with no app required.
Multi-factor Payment Authentication

Passwords are out

Biometric authentication enables passwordless account access for your customers by replacing passwords as a single factor* in a multi-factor authentication (MFA) journey.
Passwordless Authentication

Cross-channel user experiences

You shouldn’t need your phone to log in to your personal computer. Biometric authentication works across desktop and mobile devices. It also supports passkeys for a consistent, multi-channel experience.
It’s time to transform your authentication.
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86% of consumers in the US are eager to use biometric authentication to verify their identity or to make payments.
25 percent icon
80 percent icon
66% of US consumers believe that on-device authentication methods are quicker and provide a better experience than traditional two-factor authentication (2FA).
29 percent icon
25% of all MFA transactions will rely on biometric authentication by 2025.
Deploying world-class, FIDO 2-aligned authentication.
Biometric authentication eliminates the risk of phishing, password theft, replay attacks and other online threats as the authentication mechanism (your customers’ fingerprints or a facial scan) is stored off-device.

Keep fraudsters out with modern, secure authentication.

Aligned with global FIDO standards, our biometric authentication solution ensures your organization remains compliant even as regulations change – helping you expand on PSD2-compliant payment use cases.

Full compliance with global standards.

Entersekt ensures a fast time to market for multiple authentication tools, including biometric authentication through a single, API-based implementation, supporting vendor consolidation, and a streamlined experience.

Get to market, fast.

Biometric authentication is the modern, passwordless way to positively identify a person’s identity, keeping fraudsters out and letting only real customers in. The process relies on a person’s unique biological characteristics, such as fingerprints or a retina scan.

In financial services, this means providers can offer their customers the ability to authenticate themselves and their transactions without the need for a password or PIN code.

The result – bank-grade security PLUS frictionless user experiences.
What is biometric authentication?
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