Eliminate the risk of fraud while enhancing user experience, by replacing outdated passwords and OTPs.

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Reduce risk and fraud
Protect your customers and your business from financial loss due to fraud. Our biometric solution prevents various attacks by keeping credentials off the device by way of private security keys and biometrics.
Passwords were responsible for 100,000 data breaches between 2018 and 2021, Read the blog
Enhanced user experience
Our biometric platform enables smooth and easy access for real users, while eliminating the need to remember and store passwords – which are unsafe to begin with.
58% of e-commerce customers have abandoned purchases due to difficulty with passwords.
Cross-channel consistency
With built-in support for the FIDO protocol, our biometric solution enables the use of single security method, such as biometrics or a security key, for use across multiple accounts and platforms.
Password reset calls to your contact center can take 10 – 15 minutes to resolve and can cost $3 to $70, each! Read More
App-free authentication
Entersekt’s biometric platform allows you to reach even customers without an app so that they too can authenticate themselves and their transactions across channels and platforms.
86% of consumers are interested in using biometrics to verify their identities or make payments.
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