Let's make it easy to let your customers in. Whether you're a bank, credit union, card issuer, or merchant.

Entersekt is how the financial world can finally deliver digital financial transactions that are both frictionless and secure.

Fraudsters are out.
And you’re in.

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Replace OTP-based authentication and cut phishing attacks by 99% in under one year, while remaining compliant.
Reduce risk and fraud
Reduce cart abandonment and increase successful transactions by 54% with Entersekt’s powerful 3D Secure ACS.
Grow revenue
Identify your customers 30 times faster and provide great user journeys, frictionless logins, personalized security, and fewer false declines.
Expand and retain your customer base
Save on costs
Improve operational efficiency and productivity with fewer incidents and rapid resolution, saving millions in the process.

Over 100 financial institutions in more than 50 countries trust us to let their customers in!

All-in-one platform
Get all the help you need to stay on top of your current UX and security goals plus the foresight it takes to stay ahead of new regulations and threats.
All-in approach
Quickly and easily tailor the experience for your users so it’s quick and easy for them to do business with you.
All-out configurability
Replace multiple tools with a comprehensive, financial-grade solution that delivers cross-channel, Context Aware Authentication and payment experiences.
Why Entersekt?
For too long, attempts to prevent financial fraud have created unintended hurdles for customers. Entersekt’s products and solutions are different. They not only keep fraudsters out, but make it easy for your customers to get in.
Frictionless financial fraud prevention.
Driving and securing digital payments with great user experiences.
Our products
Entersekt Payments Authentication diagram
Offer cashless payment experiences that are both simple and secure.
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Digital Payments
Enable low-friction payment authentication experiences with our risk-aware 3D Secure product.
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3D Secure
Entersekt Customer Authentication diagram
Upgrade from SMS OTP to an intuitive and reliable mobile network operator solution.
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MNO Authentication
Pave the way for secure, more versatile browser-based interactions.
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Browser Authentication
Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft by authenticating them via their mobiles.
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Mobile Authentication
We're endorsed by these elite brands for the high security standards we offer to financial institutions like yours.
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Security and great experiences needn’t be mutually exclusive. Give your customers both. Across all your channels, from any device.

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No more authentication complication.
Biometric Authentication icon
As unsafe, inconvenient passwords inch closer to losing their appeal, you can stay one step ahead with our highly secure, user-friendly passwordless authentication options, such as biometrics.
Strengthen security by
eliminating passwords 
Unified Digital Payments icon
Streamlined User Experience icon
Regardless of where your customers are in their user journeys, our secure authentication technology ensures consistent, frictionless experiences across all your digital and payment channels.

Combine enhanced security with streamlined UX
Give your customers consolidated access to secure and seamless digital payment experiences across QR payments, peer-to-peer, and peer-to-merchant use cases.
Offer unified digital payment experiences
Reduce Fraud icon
From secure logins to payment authentication, our technology has been proven to reduce online fraud by 99% thanks to our foundational layer of strong device identity.
Dramatically reduce fraud
and online attacks
USSD App Authentication icon
No app? No problem. We offer authentication solutions that leverage your customers’ biometrics or phone number instead to provide secure access to your digital channels.
Reach customers with or without an app
3D Secure e-commerce icon
Our customizable 3D Secure solution empowers you to create differentiated checkout experiences for your customers, leading to higher transaction success rates.
Tailor your e-commerce experiences
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Read our latest press releases, covering big investments from a leading technology-focused private equity firm, to innovations for world-leading banks, powered by Entersekt.
Entersekt in the media.
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