How Context Aware Authentication helps FIs fight modern-day fraud.

Entersekt’s cross-channel, Context Aware™ Authentication technology allows financial institutions (FIs) to unify security and customer authentication preferences across all their banking and payment channels. Learn how to reduce fraud and save on costs while optimizing customer experiences and increasing transaction success rates!

Legacy authentication solutions are holding you back.

Integration to a single API
Customized messaging
Cross-channel data sharing
Silent, frictionless auth
Risk-based signaling
Active, low-friction auth
Many FIs still use disparate authentication methods, and different providers, to protect their various channels. Typically, these methods include passwords and one-time passcodes (PINs), which are not only vulnerable to fraud, but trigger poor customer experiences – especially when OTPs fail to arrive, or passwords need to be reset.

Move your FI and your customers forward with modern, context-based authentication.

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Digital banking fraud is constantly evolving. Are you?

Leverages behavioral biometrics
Reduces fraud and friction
Supported by global risk data
Advanced SIM-swap detection
Multi-layered, multi-channel defense
66 Authentication patents
These days, fraudsters employ multiple vectors in a single attack. If you still rely solely on SMS OTP, you’re not covering the full attack surface, leaving your customers vulnerable social engineering, payer manipulation, authorized push payment (APP) fraud, and account takeovers (ATO).

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Disparate authentication solutions cost time, money, and customers. Time to unify.

Easy approval for high-risk transactions
Self-serve password resets
Cross-channel defense
Leverages risk and trust data
One unified platform
In addition to creating a weakened perimeter against fraud, disparate authentication systems are laborious and expensive to maintain. In call centers alone, high-risk interactions like password resets and manual ACH and wire transfer approvals cost a fortune! And, as methods differ from channel to channel, FIs risk losing customers as frustration mounts.

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