Entersekt expands its operations in Cape Town, the technology hub of Africa

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Entersekt expands in Cape Town
The ultra-modern Apex Building in Century City, Cape Town, is where Entersekt will set up its second Western Cape office. Doors will open on 1 June 2019.

Entersekt is in the right place at the right time, it seems, to expand its operations with the opening of a second Western Cape office, in Century City, come 1 June. Recruitment is currently underway for two full scrum teams to occupy the new premises. Interested candidates can apply via the Entersekt website.

Whether you’re a local resident or just visiting our shores, you’ve no doubt felt the undeniable tech undercurrent that pulses through the Mother City. Well, that is no longer just a feeling. Because Cape Town, South Africa, has officially been branded the undisputed technology capital of Africa, ahead of Johannesburg and other more obvious contenders.

And if the high prevalence of global tech companies, start-ups and powerhouse initiatives like Naspers, Clickatell, OfferZen, Silicon Cape, and Hubble Studios is not enough to convince you, then a report by Endeavor Insight, which evaluated the Cape Town and Stellenbosch tech sector towards the end of 2018, will.

Among the findings presented were some interesting statistics, including that the Cape Town area tech sector is made up of between 450 to 550 entrepreneurial companies all focused on software development, e-commerce, and fintech. And even though this number is comparatively lower than in Nairobi and Lagos – which are both considered to be prolific tech centers – Cape Town has, to date, generated over 40,000 employees compared to roughly 9,000 in Lagos and 7,000 in Nairobi.

So, what has contributed to this high volume of tech in the area, you may ask? “It’s all about the mountain and the sea and the air and the vibe, bro…” is not too far from the truth, it seems. Or so says the Endeavor report, at least, which singles out very specific reasons for Cape Town’s popularity, particularly when it comes to start-ups.

Practical placement

Firstly, many founders of tech start-ups decided to open their doors in Cape Town and its surrounds because they were already residing there at the time. Many were also students at Stellenbosch University or the University of Cape Town (UCT) when their ideas were born, so it made sense for them to stay in the vicinity to raise their “babies”. These start-ups scaled well into established firms, and so grew employment opportunities. 

Cape Town, the tech hub

There also seems to be a better overall perception of tech in Cape Town. The research shows that people find Cape Town to be less corporate and more of a “tech hub”, with a higher concentration of tech companies and support organizations. The tech culture and meetup ecosystem are better, and there’s easier access to customers, opportunities, and funding.
In fact, of the 150 companies interviewed for the study, roughly one-third had received some form of angel investment or venture funding – much higher on average than in Lagos, Nairobi, or Johannesburg.

Lifestyle perks

But then there’s the Cape Town way of life. With its bright city lights, mountain, ocean, and access to nature, Cape Town promotes and nurtures inspiration, creativity, and innovation like no other city can. People just like it and the associated quality of life it offers, so it stands to reason that they seek employment opportunities close to where they’d like to live – not the other way around.

We’re hiring!

For us, at Entersekt, these findings spell exciting news because it proves that we’re just where we need to be as a growing fintech.

In fact, at this very moment, we’re hard at work growing our technical capacity. So much so that we’re expanding our operations to a second Western Cape office in Century City, Cape Town.
So, to all you talented software engineers out there, this is a call from Cape Town. To come to the mountain. To come to the sea. To come to where tech is born and raised, and life is great!

Interested? Then head to the careers page on our website to view our latest vacancies and apply.