Secure MNO Authentication
Transakt transforms your mobile phone into a personal authentication device.

Personal Authentication

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We at Entersekt went looking for a solution to safe, hassle-free online banking, and we found it in your pocket.

Our engineers spent years perfecting an entirely new way to keep your money and information safe, one that replaces cumbersome one-time passwords and guarantees safe transacting on the Internet. We call it Transakt, a patented mobile app that transforms your phone into a personal authentication device.
It's this simple
  • Initiate a transaction online
  • Transakt launches automatically on your phone
  • It presents you with the details of your transaction
  • A simple "Accept/Reject" choice is the only further action you need to take
  • There is no need to type in one-time passwords and no additional hardware is required
  • All communication between your phone and the online service provider is encrypted
  • Your identity is tied to your handset, so you are free to change your phone number or SIM card