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Entersekt puts down roots in the USA

Entersekt, an innovator in push-based authentication and app security, has opened a new office in Atlanta to support the company’s continued growth and serve as the organization’s North American headquarters. The growth in North America comes as financial institutions and other outside industries seek innovative, user-friendly methods of authenticating sensitive data and accounts. The new headquarters will provide a hub for building key business partnerships and acquiring new talent as Entersekt continues to grow.

On the heels of countless high profile data breaches over the past few years, Entersekt has identified North America as a key market with both immense challenges and potential when it comes to authentication. Today, hackers have managed to expose billions of consumer data points to the dark web through synthetic identities and advanced account takeover fraud techniques, impacting millions of consumers and the companies that provide them with key digital services.

“Financial institutions, healthcare providers and other enterprises are in need of solutions that are easily integrated into the organization’s existing technology while also providing customers with the necessary level of protection and convenience they expect,” said Sherif Samy, Senior Vice President of North America. “Entersekt’s solutions provide just that with our mobile-based authentication services designed specifically to provide strong security in a user-friendly interface.”

Entersekt provides products that leverage the power of a consumer’s personal mobile device as a trusted second factor of authentication. This approach combines the power of digital certificate technology with the convenience of mobile phones, providing institutions and their customers with robust protection to combat account takeover fraud.

Expansion into the North American market speaks directly to Entersekt’s strong customer growth and commitment to providing the highest level of service. The fintech is gaining a firm foothold in the market, with key deployments of its technology live at financial institutions, regional banks, and healthcare providers. Entersekt has established solid alliances in the Atlanta region by partnering with significant market players like FIS and Equifax, which have licensed Entersekt’s Transakt product to serve as an additional layer of security for online and mobile services.

Entersekt has chosen the 7000 Central Park building in Sandy Springs, Ga., to house its North American operations. The company’s growing North American team includes experts in the areas of mobile security, consumer and device identity, multi-factor authentication, and commerce enablement.

“Entersekt’s operations expansion into North America is a reflection of our growth and commitment to providing the highest level of authentication and security around the world,” said Samy. “We specifically chose to set up shop in Atlanta as a result of the city’s booming payments, security and mobile innovation landscape and are excited to establish ourselves in a fintech hub like Atlanta as we aim to acquire top talent and expand our business relationships with prominent companies in our space.”
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