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How mobile authentication saves call center 250 hours a month

Competitive pressure makes it rare for a solution provider and customer to share data that helps define success. Here Entersekt and African Bank prove that a mobile phone-centric authentication can save a call center 8 hours a day. But more importantly customers are able to do business faster and no longer need to answer annoying identification questions. Or better yet, implement the same authentication method for all customer interactions, for online banking, P2P initiation, and even when there is a step up while shopping with a payment card – consistency drives trust and top of wallet:

“Authentication became secure, effective and accessible to all customers, even those with feature phones. And, because verification took place in the background, queries could be attended to as soon as a customer reached a consultant.

“We’re delighted at the positive outcome for African Bank and their customers. This is a great example of how a more secure solution can provide a better experience for end-customers while also delivering cost savings for banks,” comments De Swardt.

More than just a technical improvement, the Entersekt solution also delivered quantifiable, long-term business benefits for the bank and its customers.

Five months after implementation, African Bank was saving 250 consultant hours per month and the bank is reinvesting this saving into serving its customers.

“At the end of the day, it’s about achieving seamless entry points for our customers and that means making digital access better and easier,” sums up George Roussos, Chief Operating Officer, African Bank.

Take authentication out of the individual silos and provide your customers a consistent, easy, and secure authentication every time and build customer trust.

Overview by Tim Sloane, VP, Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group.

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