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Nedbank chooses Entersekt for its mobile security software

Entersekt, a leading mobile security software development company, today announced that it was responsible for the development of the security infrastructure and the underlying mobile development environment that supports Nedbank's recently released Application Suite. With this latest innovative solution, Nedbank has been provided with the foundation to develop, update and deploy multiple mobile applications to its customers in a simple and user-friendly way.

Entersekt has the unique ability to deploy bilateral digital certificates to most mobile phones, thus guaranteeing secure communication between the user and the enterprise. The benefit is that this technology enables companies to provide both secure mobile and online access to applications.
“Our priority is to not only make our clients' digital experience with Nedbank secure, but to empower them to do all their transactional banking anywhere and at anytime,” commented Mike Brown, CEO of Nedbank. “The key advantage offered with our new Application Suite is that the Entersekt mobile development platform allows our customers the freedom to use the application regardless of their phone type, as it facilitates development and deployment to almost all mobile phones and not just smartphones. This is not the situation with other banks. In addition, since our deployment of this technology some six months ago and with over six million sessions under our belt, there has not been one single case of a phishing attack on our networks.”

The Nedbank Application Suite includes a first-to-market online share trading offering, corporate batch authorisations and business banking password reset capabilities. Other useful Nedbank applications include mobile banking, balance enquiry, payments, transfers, branch locators, foreign exchange calculators and application lead forms.

Nedbank previously released 'ApproveIt', an interactive transaction authentication solution that was also developed by Entersekt. This used USSD technology and allowed its Internet banking customers to authenticate each account transaction, thus placing customers in control of their account activity.

“Entersekt offers an enterprise security platform, which has been designed with the banking industry in mind,” added Schalk Nolte, CEO of Entersekt. “The focus is on the ability to scale to millions of users and to remove the complexity and vulnerability of solutions that are currently being used by many banks internationally.”

“The Entersekt security solution eliminates the need to carry multiple authentication devices, works on most phones, and provides users with complete control over their transactions. Hardware and software tokens have been proven to be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, but the Entersekt solution provides complete protection against this and provides a safer online and mobile transaction environment for all,” concluded Nolte.
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