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Entersekt achieves FIDO Alliance U2F certification

Online authentication innovator, Entersekt, has succeeded in certifying its Transakt software product as a FIDO Ready U2F token, meeting the requirements outlined by the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance in its Universal Second Factor (U2F) specifications.

The FIDO Alliance is a fast-growing industry consortium that aims to revolutionise online authentication with the first standards-based open protocol to supplant reliance on passwords. Organisations deploying FIDO-compliant authentication products avoid having to update their systems to communicate with new FIDO tokens entering the market. End-users, in turn, enjoy the freedom to choose the authentication method they are most comfortable with across multiple online services.

Transakt's certification means that deployers and users of Entersekt's online and mobile authentication solutions are assured they will work seamlessly with all other vendors' FIDO-certified products. "Since joining the FIDO Alliance in 2013, we have worked to enhance Transakt, in order to provide our customers with a fully interoperable FIDO-compliant token," said Christiaan Brand, chief technology officer of Entersekt. "As a result of our successful completion of the U2F testing series, Transakt end-users will gain the ability to securely access FIDO-enabled online service providers, conveniently identifying themselves through their mobile phone or tablet."

Available to Entersekt's customers as an SDK or mobile app, Transakt harnesses the power of public key infrastructure and deploys it to the mobile phone in a seamless and transparent manner. Industry-standard X.509 digital certificates simultaneously identify them and the end-user's mobile device, eliminating the need for expensive hardware tokens or cumbersome one-time passwords. Through a simple, one-click process, Transakt allows users to verify their identities and digitally sign transactions. All communications between the device and service provider are encrypted end to end.

Transakt is certified by Visa, MasterCard and American Express to secure card-not-present purchases, and is compatible with hundreds of models of mobile phones on all major platforms.
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