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Entersekt taps Doug Parr as senior vice-president, North America

Entersekt, an innovator in transaction authentication technology, announced the addition of industry veteran Doug Parr as senior vice-president for the company’s North American division.

In addition to opening a full-service office in Atlanta, Parr will oversee the business expansion of Entersekt in the North American market, which includes assisting senior-level management in creating corporate and marketing objectives and operating procedures to foster and maintain the company’s business goals in the United States and Canada.

With more than 25 years' of industry experience, Parr has garnered a high level of expertise working in both domestic and international financial services technology markets, which will directly support Entersekt’s entrance into North America. Previously, he served as senior vice-president and general manager for S1 Corporation, where his efforts with the Americas Payments division played a major role in successfully doubling revenue for four consecutive years. In addition, Parr honed his skills as senior vice-president for ACI Worldwide’s Americas division and as Managing Director of ACI’s Europe, Middle East and Africa subsidiary, ACI. He has also served as a consultant for various financial services technology providers.

“Hackers know no bounds or borders, so it would be short-sighted for any financial institution to think they are immune to fraud,” said Francois van Schoor, president of Entersekt. “Entersekt has proven successful outside of North America. As a seasoned industry executive, Doug will be leading our efforts in the United States and Canada to introduce our solution to financial institutions, enabling them to put a stop to fraud as a result of account takeover by utilising the Entersekt solution.”

Entersekt’s unique approach to online banking security combines out-of-band communication and two-factor authentication to provide banks and banking customers with greater protection against various forms of fraud attacks. Leveraging the customer’s mobile phone to accept or reject potential transactions, Entersekt removes the need for expensive hardware tokens and cumbersome one-time passwords and has fully eliminated online banking fraud for institutions implementing the company’s Transakt one-touch authentication application.

Parr received his bachelor’s degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and has completed coursework at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

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