Eliminate e-commerce fraud, build customer trust, and increase checkout success rates with Entersekt’s EMV 3-D Secure (3DS) ACS.

The only 3-D Secure ACS for leading banks and issuers

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Enhance online payment security
Protect your cardholders and your business from online payment fraud with our robust, intelligent 3-D Secure ACS.
Prevent fraudulent transactions and gain peace of mind for both you and your cardholders.
Entersekt's risk-based technology can distinguish between a real person and a fraudster with over 99% accuracy.
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Increase conversion success rates
With Entersekt's 3-D Secure solution, you can boost conversion success rates and optimize your revenue potential. Eliminate the fear of fraud and chargebacks, instilling confidence in your customers to complete their online transactions.
One customer experienced an 54% higher conversion rates in only six months. Here’s the case study.
Maintain global 3DS compliance
Our EMV 3-D Secure ACS is designed to meet the latest industry standards and regulations, including PSD2. Ensure compliance with local and international payment regulations, without the need for additional development efforts.
Our ACS is 10 x faster and safer than SMS OTPs, and SCA-compliant. Download the ebook.
Limit unnecessary friction
Offer hassle-free online shopping experiences when you choose Entersekt’s 3-D Secure solution. Our 3-D Secure software integrates seamlessly into your existing checkout flow, minimizing disruptions and cart abandonment due to unnecessary friction.
Choose from 22 preconfigured and customizable authentication journeys. Learn more.
Get the competitive advantage with Entersekt’s 3-D Secure ACS.
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