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Smart messaging.

Secure in-app notifications that build trust
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Leverage Entersekt’s secure messaging technology to take your relationship banking strategy to the next level

Entersekt Smart messaging Solution

Engaging meaningfully with your customers should be a breeze. You’ve got the budget, the technical and creative talent, and more channels to the customer than ever before. Yet it remains a challenge reaching them. The truth is that their attention is in short supply, and you’re competing for it against ranks of other businesses, all spending money trying to get into their heads ahead of you.

In-app messaging for direct customer engagement

As their bank, you hold a significant if under-appreciated advantage over your competitors: your app. Why not leverage the special status it enjoys to make yourself heard in the stream of other brands’ emails, text messages, phone calls, tweets, and DMs?

Imagine a messaging service combining instant communication with banking-grade security and on-the-go self-service functionality. That’s Entersekt’s smart messaging solution, which comprises two discrete services.

In-app user notifications
Smart messaging user notification

Use this service to deliver information that, although highly pertinent to your customer, does not necessarily require action or even explicit acknowledgment. 


As a secure, more engaging alternative to SMS, this service’s use cases include notifying customers of:

  • Activity on their accounts
  • Changes to an investment
  • Milestones in saving or paying off debt
  • Nearing spending or debt limits
  • Pending communications
  • Fraud alerts or warnings of new scams
  • Loyalty points accrued

Expiry dates can be set per notification, after which they are tidied away in order not to distract the user from fresh notifications. You can also customize how alerts are displayed in your app – arranging them on a timeline, for example – to further aid your customer locate the information they need, right now.

In-app calls to action
Entersekt Smart messaging Solution

Use this service to reach out to your customers on time-sensitive matters that require them to perform a task or make a decision.


To streamline their responses, you can provide shortcuts to relevant app functionality – pointing them to a specific statement, for example.

Use cases for this service include helping your customers to:

  • Approve third-party access to accounts and personal records
  • Dispute transactions or flag suspicious activity
  • Validate direct debits and other mandates
  • Manage bill pay requests and make payments
  • Respond to peer-to-peer payment requests
  • Authorize changes to an investment portfolio
  • Renew a fixed-term investment or roll over a loan
  • Act on opportunities to save, unlock rewards, or avoid penalties
  • Consent to a marketing call or register for a special offer
  • Confirm receipt of information; approve changes to policies
  • Perform an action in a business workflow 

How our smart messaging solution benefits you

Smart Messaging Solution benefits

Entersekt’s smart messaging solution provides a direct route to your customers, with the following benefits for them – and for your business:

Relevance and engagement
  • Cuts through the noise when you need to reach them most
  • Multiplies opportunities to deliver time-sensitive information and advice
  • Boosts use of your app, knowledge and adoption of service offerings
  • Contributes to customers’ sense of financial control, confidence and satisfaction 
Smart Messaging Solution security compliance
Security and compliance
  • Lowers the cost of fraud through Entersekt’s built-in strong authentication
  • Provides an auditable record of interactions, approvals, and confirmations, all digitally signed
  • Helps meet PSD2, GDPR, CCPA, and MiFID requirements without introducing additional friction

Want to increase customer engagement and app usage? Download our smart messaging solution sheet for more information or contact us to book a demo today!

Smart Messaging
Download: solution sheet

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