Biometric enablement

Highly secure biometric-based authentication.

Your customers want a low-friction user experience, but joining the movement to a password-free future isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

When it comes to biometrics, what you offer in convenience must, as ever, be backed by sound security.

Many are unaware of this, but biometrics are never shared beyond the phone or tablet on which they were recorded. Instead, a successful local match is reported to the remote service provider in a message that that can all too easily be faked by cyber criminals. To secure the authentication process from beginning to end, service providers need a mobile security platform like Transakt, to which biometrics can be added through a flexible plug-in. With Transakt, a local biometric match unlocks a signed digital certificate, which is then transmitted to the service provider over an encrypted channel.

This FIDO Certified™ solution is engineered to meet the most stringent international guidance on out-of-band multi-factor authentication and is built to evolve as new biometric capabilities become available in the mass market.

Biometric enablement

Transakt has you covered

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Match biometrics’ superior user experience with advanced digital certificate-based security

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Delight your users with a one-touch experience that delivers two factors of authentication – possession and inherence – simultaneously

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Save time and money integrating third-party biometric solutions into your app

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Avoid relying on device manufacturers, mobile networks, and other third parties to secure sensitive interactions with your customers

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Meet all relevant international guidance on out-of-band, multi-factor authentication

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