Payments enablement solution sheet

Payments enablement solution sheet

Launch mobile payments services with ease, and reassert your brand in the process.

Large technology companies lead growth in digital commerce. Innovative startups continue to grow market share, inserting themselves directly in front of the customer at the point of purchase. Meanwhile, regulations are forcing banks to provide third-party access to their customers’ accounts and data. Competitors of all kinds are lining up to leverage these assets, which they themselves do not own, to provide consumers with a range of low-cost value-added services.

Entersekt’s next-generation mobile payments enablement platform Connekt helps you respond to these market changes with agility.

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Entersekt is an international software development company based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are leaders in authentication, app security, and payments enablement technology, offering a highly scalable solution set with a track record of success across multiple continents.