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PSD2: Strong authentication checklist


One-touch multi-factor authentication and digital signing for banks, AISPs, PISPs and other players

We have compiled a checklist to explain how our technology addresses the requirements for PSD2 as set out by the European Banking Association’s (EBA) regulatory technical standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication (SCA).

In this guide, we break down the relevant articles from the RTS that pertain to SCA, including:

The security measures for the application of strong customer authentication

Our multi-factor, out-of-band authentication technology secures the customer’s mobile device as a possession factor to receive unique one-time authentication codes.

Entersekt’s out-of-band authentication model

The confidentiality and integrity of the payment service users’ personalized security credentials

Entersekt’s Transakt product ensures secure onboarding by generating unique digital certificates for each mobile device, creating a secure link between the service provider and the customer.

The three elements of customer engagement

Download our quick reference guide on how Entersekt can make light work of the EBA’s regulatory technical standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication, together with easy-to-digest graphics and diagrams.

Download it here >> 

Entersekt's strong authentication checklist

Download: PSD2 checklist

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