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3 December 2019

Consumers want more banking app control — will FIs step up?

Recent research in collaboration with Entersekt found that 89% percent of people who use banking apps want more control, especially over things like setting transaction-specific authentication requirements. But banks have been slow to respond to these kinds of demands for control and security. Christian Ali, SVP Products at Entersekt, takes a closer look at what the data shows and what it means for banks.

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Global Banking & Finance Review
22 November 2019

The weaponization of personal data: How consumers can regain control

Knowingly or unknowingly, consumers have been complicit in the erosion of our personal privacy and security. Convenience, after all, has become the priority for most of the online world. So how do we start to regain the control we’ve lost, without sacrificing on the usability we’re accustomed to? (Read more on page 110.)

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Release Area: TECHNATIVE
Release Date: 05 OCTOBER 2019
05 OCTOBER 2019

How can banks rise to the omnichannel challenge?

Today, banks are starting to realize that a true omnichannel experience means a lot more than just providing multiple ways for customers to transact. As Millennials and Gen Z consumers start to make up larger portions of the workforce, banks will be forced to accommodate – but are they ready to do so?

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03 OCTOBER 2019

For better banking, is consumer control actually key?

Consumers want control — everybody seems to know that. But what you probably don’t know is that consumers want the type of financial services control that could potentially reduce their risk for fraud and leave them responsible for more authentication tasks, according to fresh PYMNTS research. That research, which is called “The Consumer-Centric Authentication Study: Transforming The Consumer’s Digital Banking Experience,” served as the foundation for a recent PYMNTS discussion between Karen Webster and Sherif Samy, SVP North America at Entersekt, which helped craft the report.

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Mobile Banking und Mobile Payment in Deutschland: Sicherheitsbedenken bremsen Mobile Banking

Interessante neue Erkenntnisse zur Einstellung deutscher Verbraucher zu Mobile Banking, Mobile Payment und favorisierten Authentifizierungsmethoden liefert der Report „Mobile Banking und Mobile Payment in Deutschland 2019“, der die Ergebnisse einer aktuellen, im Auftrag von Entersekt durchgeführten repräsentativen Online-Konsumentenbefragung vorstellt.

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Five Degrees and Entersekt forge fintech partnership

One month after digital core banking provider Five Degrees announced its collaboration with fellow Finovate alum W.UP, the company is back in the fintech headlines with another round of partnership news: digital security platform Entersekt will join its Open Banking Marketplace.


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