Snippet: A superior customer experience that reinforces customer relationships, boosts revenue, and saves costs? That’s what the omnichannel approach promises – if you can get it right.

A superior customer experience that reinforces customer relationships, boosts revenue, and saves costs? That’s what the omnichannel approach promises – if you can get it right.

Smoothing the crossing

There’s no denying the benefits of digitization and, indeed, taken as a whole, self-service channels continue to grow in popularity every year. Emerging technologies, cutthroat competition, and fast-changing consumer expectations are pushing organizations of all kinds to re-evaluate how they define digital customer service – and the financial services industry is at the forefront of this discussion. 

Today’s banking customers demand personalization and a greater degree of immediacy than ever before. They insist on interacting with their banks whenever, wherever, and however they want, all while remaining protected from fraudsters and other entities with undue interest in their personal data. 

The term “omnichannel” has been bandied about for years. It means different things to different folk, but, to us at Entersekt, omnichannel is about more than simply providing multiple ways for consumers to transact; it’s about moving the entire focus from transactions to interactions and finding ways to exceed consumer expectations in the process.

Hurdles to omnichannel success

A fully digital outlook, excellent data, and clever design will all contribute to success in omnichannel service delivery, but the necessary foundation of a truly great offering is security. It has to be assured even as users hop from app to browser and back again. In fact, all parties, accountholder and provider, must be able to trust that they are interacting with legitimate entities at every moment in every interaction, no matter the device in use. If we can’t ensure this, we may as well all go back to queuing at the branch.

Unfortunately, protecting digital banking customers has often meant compromising on the user experience, resulting in added friction, inconvenience, and inconsistency. All too often, security comes as an afterthought – patched on to each new digital channel – not baked into the system from the very start. This piecemeal approach is arguably the greatest hurdle banks face pursuing opportunities for seamless cross-channel engagement.

Done right, omnichannel has the power to delight customers, increase brand loyalty, and positively impact your bottom line. Watch this space over the coming weeks for more on how an integrated approach to digital security and customer authentication can help achieve that goal.

Entersekt partners with prominent banks and enterprises around the world. Our innovative range of solutions helps them reach and acquire customers, launch new services, and multiply revenue streams while meeting compliance obligations with confidence. Contact us today to find out how we can fast-track your digital enablement journey.

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Sherif Samy

Former Chief Growth Officer

Sherif Samy heads our global commercial organization, managing channel partners and a geographically and functionally diverse set of teams with responsibility for all stages of revenue generation and revenue recognition. He previously served as our SVP North America, during which time he was included in One World Identity’s “Top Influencers in Identity 2019”.

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