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What are they saying about us? Browse Entersekt’s media coverage, right here., 15 February 2019

Banken moeten profiteren van vertrouwensband consumenten in strijd met bigtech

Claudius van der Meulen, SVP Europe at Entersekt, explains why the trust relationship that banks have with their customers is a strategic advantage. In an era of competition and disruption from a range of role-players, making the most of this relationship can mean that banks need have no concerns regarding remaining relevant to their customers’ financial lives. (Article in Dutch.)
Thomson Reuters, 13 February 2019

Synthetic identity – a new path for government fraud?

That’s not a trick question – it’s the problem facing investigators of synthetic identity fraud (SIF), a relatively new form of identity theft in which criminals combine pieces of real personal data with fake information to create an entirely new identity, one that’s almost impossible to trace., 29 January 2019

Banks as the keeper of consumer digital IDs?

In a podcast interview with Karen Webster, Entersekt CCO Dewald Nolte explains what trust has come to mean in our digital world, and how the consumer’s mobile device and their bank fit together in the puzzle that is their digital identity.
CARDS KARTEN CARTES, 10 January 2019

Kundenauthentifikation: Wie sich Abbruchraten reduzieren lassen

3D-Secure ist zwar tatsächlich sicher. Es erhöht jedoch die Abbruchraten. Mit ihrem neuen Authentifizierungssystem für Sparkassen-Kreditkarten, das seit Herbst 2017 im Einsatz ist, wollte die Pluscard dieses Problem beheben.
The European Financial Review, 03 January 2019

The Rise in Social Media Payments

As users continue to have frequent interaction and familiarity with social media, it opens doors
for them to accept and integrate into their daily lives the financial services these platforms offer.
PaymentsSource, 03 January 2019

As cash and cards give way to mobile, banks need consumers’ trust even more

A new generation of bank customers is bypassing physical branches and banking via the web almost entirely in favor of completing transactions and accessing services from their mobile devices. How their customers pay is of great interest, and possibly concern, to banks, says Sherif Samy, SVP North America at Entersekt. Banks are recognizing the importance of becoming the center of their customers’ financial lives again, and are realizing that there is a great opportunity for them to re-establish relationships with customers at the point of payment., 01 January 2019

Why payments should stop worrying about “the next big thing”

Gerhard Oosthuizen, CTO at Entersekt, takes a look at what 2018 meant for the industry. It’s time, he argues, for the banking and payments industry to look beyond the next “big thing” and instead solve real problems, be user friendly, offer real value, and protect customers., 03 December 2018

From friend’s grandpa to hip elder brother: banks as consumer trust anchors

In this podcast, Niel Bester, SVP Products at Entersekt, talks to Karen Webster from about the role banks can play in consumers’ financial lives in our current age of uncertainty, hacks, and breaches. Niel explains that trust is the foundation of the relationship between banks and their customers, and why the time has come for banks to redefine this relationship.
SME South Africa, 27 November 2018

These SA fintechs have successfully collaborated with the big banks – they share their top advice

Strategic partnerships between fintech start-ups and the more conventional banks are becoming more prominent the world over. A 2017 study by PWC found that 82% of financial services providers plan to step up their partnerships with fintechs over the next three to five years.
Business Wire, 25 October 2018

Amazon Web Services to open data centers in South Africa

New AWS Infrastructure Region in the first half of 2020 will enable customers to run workloads in South Africa and serve end-users across the African continent with even lower latency.

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"The Entersekt solution ensures leading-edge security combined with easy-to-use convenience."

Carl Fischer, Executive marketing & corporate affairs, Capitec Bank

"SIM swaps perpetrated against our clients have virtually flat-lined over the past four years."

George Chirwa, Head of digital and mobile, Nedbank

"We are thrilled to partner with Entersekt to provide Touch ID enabled service for customers. This will make mobile banking more convenient without compromising security, which is of the utmost importance to us."

Jim Reuter, CEO, FirstBank

"CouttsID is the first of its kind in the UK but is supported by Entersekt, whose technology has been proven in South Africa and other countries."

Joe Norburn, Managing director, head of digital and business development, Coutts

"With Entersekt, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience dramatically, while at the same time enhancing security on the mobile channel."

Lyndon Subroyen, Global head of digital channels, Investec

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