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GI Geldinstitute, 11 April 2019

Smartes Banking für mehr Kundenbindung

„Konsumenten wünschen sich nach wie vor Institutionen, auf die sie sich verlassen können“, sagt Schalk Nolte, CEO von Entersekt.
Fintech Finance, 10 April 2019

Creating a great banking experience is as easy as reaching for your mobile phone

A great banking experience can be at customers’ fingertips, says Claudius van der Meulen, SVP Europe at Entersekt, if the bank keeps in mind these five things that make a great banking app.
OWI’s State of Identity Podcast, 09 April 2019

Authentication and the power of “friendly friction”

Sherif Samy, Entersekt’s SVP North America, joins Cameron D’Ambrosi on One World Identity’s State of Identity podcast and shares Entersekt’s experience of the power of “friendly friction”., 04 April 2019

How friendly friction builds better banking experiences

Even though consumers are interacting and transacting digitally more than ever, only 3 percent of banking customers are digital-only customers. As Jennifer Singh, Entersekt’s Director for Channel Partnerships in North America explains, that’s why a true omnichannel strategy is crucial for banks. More than that – it can be a strong competitive advantage leveraging choice, control, and trust.
Mobile payments today, 21 March 2019

Social media payments: an ally or adversary of banks?

In a time when social media payment offerings can provide a level of service and experience that many traditional banks simply have not been able to match, what are banks to do? Jennifer Singh, Director of Channel Partnerships for North America at Entersekt, explores this topic and the matter of customer engagement on Mobile Payments Today.
SOURCE Magazine, 19 March 2019

girocard: Kontaktlos Provokation zum Wachstumsrekord

There has been a lot of talk recently about how online security needs to evolve so that personal information is truly protected and can only be used for legitimate purposes. Uwe Härtel, Entersekt’s country manager for Central Europe discusses what this means, and how a three-domain model offers a practical approach to digital identity. (Article in German.), 12 March 2019

Waarom er één standaard moet komen voor een veilig én gemakkelijk authenticatieproces

Claudius van der Meulen, SVP Europe at Entersekt, discusses the benefits of an authentication standard and argues that convenience and security can go hand-in-hand when consumers become familiar with an authentication process that is quick, user-friendly, and consistent across channels. Article in Dutch.
Banking Exchange, 04 March 2019

Bank smarter, not harder, in the intelligence age

As banking processes become digitized, bank-customer relationships could become increasingly dehumanized and disconnected. To prevent this, and sustain meaningful relationships with their customers, banks need to provide innovative, secure, and highly personalized services, says Niel Bester, SVP Products at Entersekt.
Finance Derivative, 26 February 2019

PSD2: How will it affect the banking landscape?

Just over a year ago, the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) passed into law. Together with the more far-reaching General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), PSD2 has been described as a huge leap forward for consumers in Europe, heralding a new age for banks and their customers. Banks’ willingness to embrace, and their capacity to effectively assimilate, the changes these regulations set in motion is expected to make or break many., 26 February 2019

Why “mobile-first” must mean “trust-always”

In an interview with, Sherif Samy, SVP North America at Entersekt, discusses some of the challenges banks face when it comes to ensuring that customers remain at the center of their digital transformation strategy. In transferring trust from the physical world to the virtual, digital world, he explains, banks can leverage the mobile device to deepen customer engagement and ensure a truly omnichannel experience.

Be more trusted.

"The Entersekt solution ensures leading-edge security combined with easy-to-use convenience."

Carl Fischer, Executive marketing & corporate affairs, Capitec Bank

"SIM swaps perpetrated against our clients have virtually flat-lined over the past four years."

George Chirwa, Head of digital and mobile, Nedbank

"We are thrilled to partner with Entersekt to provide Touch ID enabled service for customers. This will make mobile banking more convenient without compromising security, which is of the utmost importance to us."

Jim Reuter, CEO, FirstBank

"CouttsID is the first of its kind in the UK but is supported by Entersekt, whose technology has been proven in South Africa and other countries."

Joe Norburn, Managing director, head of digital and business development, Coutts

"With Entersekt, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience dramatically, while at the same time enhancing security on the mobile channel."

Lyndon Subroyen, Global head of digital channels, Investec

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