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Mobile devices must be about more than digital banking

Canadian Country Manager, Christian Ali dives into the lessons financial institutions can take from the retail industry's focus on perfecting the consumer experience. Banks have traditionally focused on transaction accuracy and now have the opportunity to improve omni-channel experiences to increase digital consumer engagement., 25 June 2019

Omnichannel strategie vormt concurrentievoordeel voor banken

Nu het Open Banking tijdperk is aangebroken worden banken flink op de proef gesteld door veel verschillende nieuwe concurrenten. Hebben banken nog steeds een kans om te overleven in deze snel veranderende, dynamische, digitale betaalwereld? Wij geloven van wel en het antwoord ligt in het omarmen van een mobiele omnichannel strategie.
Hi-Tech Security Solutions, 12 June 2019

The safest way to pay

Modern technology has given banks the opportunity to completely redefine the banking experience for their customers, but it’s also turned mobile phones into secure and convenient payment instruments.
Customer Service Manager, 06 June 2019

Closing the weakest link: Call centre authentication

In the call center industry, organizations are aiming to improve operational efficiency. But any gains made will all be lost if security is not factored into the equation.
EMERCE, 05 June 2019

Banken kunnen voorzien in de behoefte aan een overkoepelende digitale identiteit

Eén voordeur is gemakkelijker te beveiligen dan tien, dat is logisch. Maar een beperkt aanbod aan klantcommunicatiekanalen is ook niet meer van deze tijd. Hoe kunnen webshops, banken of andere organisaties dan meerdere kanalen evengoed beschermen tegen gevaren van buitenaf? Volgens SVP Europe Claudius van der Meulen is de oplossing simpel.

Your data is now a commodity: Protect your net worth

For years, we’ve been simply giving away our most valuable asset – our personal data – steadily making ourselves more vulnerable to those nefarious souls out there who would take advantage of it.
Global Banking & Finance Review, 15 May 2019

The safest way to pay

It’s getting increasingly difficult to validate the identity of an end-user. New authentication methods are introduced to address this, but they are often accompanied by friction and frustration. Gerhard Oosthuizen explains how the banking app can be harnessed to kill two birds with one stone, overcoming concerns about identity validation and user experience, at the same time.
Mobile Industry Eye, 10 May 2019

Mobile banking has plateaued, here’s why

Entersekt’s UK & Ireland country manager, Frans Labuschagne, takes a hard look at the state of the mobile banking based on insights gleaned from a number of leading research and advisory firms.
GDPR Report, 29 April 2019

Will trading Bitcoin get you hacked?

To keep eager traders’ money and data safe, Bitcoin exchanges need robust transaction security. Most did, but now their security solutions seem stuck in the early 2000s. As Entersekt CEO Schalk Nolte explains, it’s not the cryptocurrencies themselves that are unsafe, but rather the security measures employed by the exchanges that are the weak link., 12 April 2019

The race against time to round off a decade

In's latest ebook, Gerhard Oosthuizen, Entersekt’s CTO, explains why it’s vital for the financial services industry that organizations look past the hype of the next big thing in technology and instead focus on creating value for consumers.

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"The Entersekt solution ensures leading-edge security combined with easy-to-use convenience."

Carl Fischer, Executive marketing & corporate affairs, Capitec Bank

"SIM swaps perpetrated against our clients have virtually flat-lined over the past four years."

George Chirwa, Head of digital and mobile, Nedbank

"We are thrilled to partner with Entersekt to provide Touch ID enabled service for customers. This will make mobile banking more convenient without compromising security, which is of the utmost importance to us."

Jim Reuter, CEO, FirstBank

"CouttsID is the first of its kind in the UK but is supported by Entersekt, whose technology has been proven in South Africa and other countries."

Joe Norburn, Managing director, head of digital and business development, Coutts

"With Entersekt, we saw an opportunity to improve the user experience dramatically, while at the same time enhancing security on the mobile channel."

Lyndon Subroyen, Global head of digital channels, Investec

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