Entersekt acquires Modirum 3-D Secure Payment Solutions to boost digital payment security.

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As a leading financial authentication company, we equip financial institutions with secure, user-friendly transaction authentication solutions that keep fraudsters out.

The Confidence to Conquer

In the last year alone, some of the world’s biggest FIs relied on us to secure over 1.5 billion transactions.

“Entersekt’s [secure platform] enables customers to orchestrate consistent and personalized authentication across digital and payment channels.”
“Together with Netcetera and Entersekt, we have implemented a future-proof solution with the FIDO standard. So far, this is a unique alternative to app-based authentication in the German market.”
“MemberPass’s extended functionality from Entersekt provides unmatched biometric authentication for our digital banking platform, while being in tune with members’ unique preferences for user logins and payments.”

Let's start your authentication journey.

  • Account login and access
  • Online fraud detection
  • Online fraud prevention
  • Secure e-commerce with 3D Secure
  • A card issuer
  • A payment processor
  • A retail bank
  • A credit union
  • Account login and access
  • Online payments
  • 3D Secure
  • High-risk transactions
  • Reducing risk and fraud
Reduce risk and fraud
By replacing outdated OTP-based methods of authentication with modern, passwordless alternatives, you’ll eliminate instances of phishing and other fraud attacks, while mitigating the risk of non-compliance… with ease.
Save on costs
Entersekt’s secure SaaS platform seamlessly prevents fraud across all banking channels and keeps you in line with evolving regulations and mandates. By avoiding the associated reputational damage and fines, you’ll save in the long run.
Expand and retain your customer base
Better risk signals enable the right authentication decisions, at the right time, throughout your customers’ journeys. And, because positive experiences leave a lasting impression, you’re more likely to succeed at retaining and growing your customer base.
Grow your revenue
Happy customers = revenue growth. Trust Entersekt to identify your customers 30 times faster to improve UX, in turn helping to reduce cart abandonment, prevent false declines, and increase transaction success rates.

So that you can start saving money and growing your revenue.

See measurable ROI.

18 percent higher success rate
3D Secure transaction success rate
We boast a transaction success rate that is 18% higher than the European average.
Ten times faster authentication
More effective at keeping fraudsters out
After implementing our solutions, our customers almost immediately experience a 99% reduction in fraud.
Ten times faster authentication
At letting your customers in
Our authentication mechanisms have been proven to be 10 times faster than traditional SMS OTPs.
We evoke confidence through continuous innovation.
Why Entersekt?
We enable connected ecosystem experiences.
We shield against known and unknown threats.
We offer world class customer service.
Meet some of the banks, credit unions, and fintech companies we have worked with to secure, modernize, and streamline the way in which they identify their customers.

Our products.
Mobile, MNO, and Browser Authentication
Protect your customers from digital fraud and identity theft by authenticating them via their mobiles.

Watch how our cross-channel, Context Aware™ Authentication can help.