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30 September–3 October 2019

Mastercard Risk Leadership Conference

The Mastercard GRL Series offers a thought-provoking and informative forum to learn about the latest tools and techniques for minimizing fraud risk and maximizing profitability. Claudius van der Meulen, Mark Chirnside and Pieter de Wet will be attending. 

27–30 October 2019
Las Vegas

Money 2020

Our business development team will be in Las Vegas at the Money 20/20 event to discuss how we provide financial institutions with new digital opportunities that allow them to open innovative revenue streams while mitigating fraud and securely driving engagement with consumers. 

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Entersekt is an international software development company based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are leaders in authentication, app security, and payments enablement technology, offering a highly scalable solution set with a track record of success across multiple continents.