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Discover five ways of increasing customer engagement in the digital age

Engaged customers
are happy customers.

5 Essential elements of digital customer engagement

Mobile phones are like extensions of self these days. Almost everyone has one in their back pocket, charged and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Banking apps and interfaces, by extension, have become a dime a dozen, competing not only with each other but with non-banking consumer products that are both simple and relatable – even conversational – in nature.

The implication for banks is that they’re having to re-focus their efforts to amplify and secure their standing in the banking marketplace, and beyond. For their loyal app users, this translates into optimizing the mobile experience to be the best it can possibly be. For the rest, there’s an opportunity to engineer and capitalize on superior, seamless cross-channel excellence. Here’s how.

Engaged customers are happy customers

1. Experiences that exceed expectations 

Mobile journeys should be intuitive, mobile-first, and user-friendly – but it shouldn’t stop there. Whichever touchpoint they choose (be it the web, the branch, your call center, a kiosk, or ATM), customers should be offered consistently easy access to an innovative range of banking, payments and other services.

2. Secure exchanges

They shouldn’t have to worry about the security of their transactions. Offer a sense of control and confidence in your brand, with state-of-the-art technology that works tirelessly in the background to secure the channel they’ve chosen and protect against cyber-crime.

3. Messages with meaning  

Reach each out to customers securely at times when it really matters and, more importantly, get heard above the noise. Bring back the human touch across all digital channels with proactive advice and empathetic responses to customers’ needs and concerns. In the same breath, elevate digital features and functionality at branch level to foster consistency.

4. A choice in the matter

Empower your customers by allowing them to customize the journey for themselves. Let them have a say in the authentication method they use, for example, or how they like to receive their banking communications. Or let them switch on new services, easily, without going into a branch if that is more convenient for them.

5. The human touch 

Finally, offer effective support, easy access to tools and information, and the option to speak to a real person – in more than one way – when necessary. The use of plain language is also very effective (and recommended!) at demystifying the banking experience and driving engagement

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