Nedbank case study

Nedbank case study

Nedbank, one of the largest banks in South Africa with a steadily growing presence in the rest of Africa, wanted to expand its digital banking offering while reducing risks posed by phishing and other digital fraud. Nedbank’s implementation of our mobile-based interactive transaction authentication was a world first. Today, our technology also forms the security platform for the award-winning Nedbank App Suite.

Business challenges

  • Replace OTP-based digital authentication for added convenience and security
  • Expand mobile services, introducing some that risk officers considered too risky


  • Nedbank App Suite widely credited for its simplicity, convenience, functionality, and cost effectiveness; showcased at Accenture Global CIO Forum 2013 in Rome and Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2013 in Los Angeles
  • More than a million downloads by July 2017
  • Expanded range of mobile services, including personal financial management and online stock trading
  • Consistent, intuitive user experience regardless of back-end systems engaged
  • Over 99% reduction in phishing attacks


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