Mercator white paper, sponsored by Entersekt: A new security paradigm for the new digital world

Mark van Dalsen|29 November 2018
Mercator white paper, sponsored by Entersekt: A new security paradigm for the new digital world

The world in which your entire commercial existence is bound to your mobile device is fast approaching, and at its center stands the bank, which safeguards your most valuable assets – funds, payment media, and a trove of data. That’s Entersekt’s vision.

The powerful winds of change that for years have buffeted the financial services industry inspired much hand-wringing and not a little schadenfreude, depending on whether you go to work in a suit and tie, or jeans and an open collar.

The challenges are real but not insurmountable. What concerns us at Entersekt is that many banks have not understood or haven’t, at least, seriously explored the equally significant opportunities presented by technological change – especially in mobile – not just to survive but to thrive.

We commissioned Mercator Advisory Group to explore the topic. Can true digital channel enablement – resting on advanced, multi-modal security techniques – transform consumers’ experiences of banking and payments enough to keep the competitors at bay, while opening new sources of revenue beyond what was possible in the analog world?

Download this free white paper here to learn what the mobile-first security paradigm could mean for banks.

About the author

Mark van Dalsen

Mark van Dalsen

Marketing communications manager

Mark has been marketing fintech since the last century and remains smitten with the business and the art of building brands, especially for scrappy technology companies with big league ideas.

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