Convenience is the deal-breaker for the North American market

Sherif Samy|13 December 2017
Convenience is the deal-breaker for the North American market

This is an exciting blog post for me. It may be Entersekt’s last blog post for 2017, but it’s the first post I write representing the company in the North American region – an amazing, exciting market, with immense potential and challenging innovation and security needs.

Convenience is the deal-breaker in this market. Consumers in the US and the wider North American region are demanding rich services, offered to them at the tips of their fingers in an easy-to-use, secure and accessible manner. In this day and age, the top-of-wallet effect for payment cards has translated into the virtualization of payment credentials and wider online and mobile banking services, leaving behind those who fail to innovate.

Financial institutions are now competing for consumers’ attention through offering convenient banking and other financial services. Simplifying the user experience and winning over the millennial market segment will increase customer acquisition, resulting in top- and bottom-line growth for financial institutions.

As we at Entersekt engage in the market, we are constantly confronted with the dilemma of security versus convenience. We strongly believe that they can and must go hand in hand. All of our research and development is based on this premise. We focus on securing the communication between the consumer’s mobile device and our client institution’s backend system. This builds trust between the two parties, allowing our clients to offer innovative and secure services to their end users.

Mobile security, identity management, multi-factor authentication and e-commerce enablement: Entersekt continues to empower our clients in the States and elsewhere with our next-generation Transakt technology. In the highly regulated financial industry, growth is where the trust is – and Entersekt can help your organization build that trust.

About the author

Sherif Samy

Sherif Samy

SVP North America

Sherif manages Entersekt’s North American business, where his experience in establishing brand presence and building strategic partnerships positions us well for growth. A perfect fit at Entersekt, he has long been focused on cyber security, digital Identity, and payments innovation in fintech.

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