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Solutions Architect

Entersekt is an innovator in push-based authentication and app security. The company’s one-of-a-kind approach harnesses the power of digital certificate technology with the convenience of mobile phones to provide financial services companies and their customers with full protection from online fraud. Built on open technologies for high availability, scalability, and simple integration, Entersekt’s patented security products protect millions of devices and transactions daily, while complying with the world’s most stringent regulatory guidelines. Enterprises across the globe look to Entersekt to strengthen the bond of trust they share with their customers, and to build on those relationships by introducing compelling, user-friendly new mobile and online services.

The role

The Solutions Architect ensures that Entersekt’s customers get the most from our solutions by owning the technical relationship with the customer throughout the engagement. This means being involved from technical pre-sales, through solution design to go-live as well as during support, maintenance, and evolution. 

The Solutions Architect must serve as a trusted technical advisor to help the customer make key technical decisions and be there to ensure optimal operation of the system. The Solutions Architect also assists, where needed, in managing relationships with partners and resellers, by ensuring the value proposition is well understood, and that the partners are appropriately skilled and equipped.

Solutions Architects are responsible for driving incremental business by cross- or up-selling to existing clients, as well as helping the sales function close business with new prospects through the combination of deep industry knowledge and solutions-based, consultative advice. By combining these competencies with strong thought leadership, this role defines and executes on creative and innovative solutions that are differentiated from competitors. The Solution Architect works alongside the sales team and must serve as trusted technical advisor to help the client make key technical and business decisions.


  • Research and shape potential solution opportunities through collaborative discussions with product management and business development leaders
  • Develop a deep understanding of existing client product or solution engagements and how the proposed solution relates to new opportunities
  • Bridge the understanding gap between key client stakeholders, including the technical, commercial, and business buyer
  • Host and facilitate workshops with clients and partners, providing them with an in-depth understanding of how our product works and how best to utilize it within their organization
  • Define solutions based on customer requirements to demonstrate feasibility of Entersekt product, often requiring rapid prototyping and/or product demonstration for client
  • Provide consultation to prospective clients and/or product capability assessment and validation to identify new business revenue opportunities for Entersekt
  • Ensure the completeness of analysis by making sure all elements of the solution or product have been included and validated, are to the correct level of detail, and have been endorsed by the customer
  • Support sales through leading the development and support of client business cases including ROI modelling, RFI, and RFP responses
  • Implement best practices in relation to strong customer authentication and mobile security
  • Capture and qualify product enhancement functions, features, alternative usage and capabilities to inform both market potential and the product roadmap
  • Work with Product Management to productize custom requirements that are repeatable and have IP that may be packaged in the form of a product
  • Develop comprehensive knowledge of client business domains into which the solution is being deployed; the challenges addressed and opportunities presented by the solution, and the strengths and weaknesses of competitor products in the same space

Skills & Experience

Successful candidates must possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Programming experience (for integration purposes, SDLC experience)
  • A relevant degree (which shows that the candidate is smart enough for the job)
  • Networking experience (especially for troubleshooting)

Personality attributes

  • Interested in being in a customer-facing role
  • Eager to gain knowledge, and willing to work hard to obtain it
  • Hungry to make a difference at a technical and operational level
  • A healthy self-esteem – you will be challenged by some bright minds on a regular basis
  • Good communication skills – you will need to explain your ideas to your teammates
  • The ability to get things done – we don’t like micro-management, but we expect you to do the right thing
  • A tendency to think outside the box – innovation is valued highly at Entersekt
  • A preference to work in a team rather than by yourself
  • An attitude of being proud of your code and taking ownership

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Entersekt is an international software development company based just outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

We are leaders in authentication, app security, and payments enablement technology, offering a highly scalable solution set with a track record of success across multiple continents.