Senior Back-End Engineer

Entersekt is an innovator in push-based authentication and app security. As a member of the back-end team, you will work closely with developers and QA automation engineers in an Agile environment. The development manager will expect your input on best practice design and technical strategy, and your help in mentoring younger developers in mastering the tricks of the trade.

The ideal candidate

You are a senior back-end engineer who is borderline fanatic about engineering world-class software systems. You will join a team of developers and help fast-track the building of a product/solution that will be used to securely identify a user and establish trusted communication between a user’s browser and a back-end system based on tried-and-tested Entersekt technologies.

Entersekt has a global presence, and is a leader in our domain, so we set the bar high. The more of the following you can offer, the better suited you will be for the position.

The role

  • Design, build, and maintain a high-performance, highly secure back-end system based on Service Oriented and Microservices Architecture, which exposes functionality via RESTful APIs.

Skills & Experience

Successful candidates for this role will generally possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • 5+ years’ experience with object-oriented development (for example, C++, and Java)
  • A software/engineering qualification (for example, a Computer Science degree) is preferred
  • Troubleshooting and integration skills
  • Java and/or Golang knowledge is beneficial
  • Linux experience: RPM-based distros, iptables, and networking tools
  • NoSql experience (for example, Cassandra, and Redis)
  • Experience in aligning modularization with domains (Domain Driven Design)
  • Microservices modules such as Service Registry, Service Discovery, Composition/Orchestration/Transformation, Monitoring, Load Balancing and Scaling, HA and Failover, and Governance
  • Advanced patterns in RESTful API like versioning, authorization, uniform contract, and entity endpoints
  • RESTful services API, testing, and security
  • RESTful API frameworks, standard languages, and toolkits: Java, Spring Boot, and Go
  • Solid understanding of, and experience in, OO and architectural design patterns
  • Experience with Agile development frameworks like Scrum
  • Agile and Agile tooling like CI and CD
  • Knowledge of cryptography and PKI
  • A basic understanding of how to deploy applications into containers using Docker and Kubernetes
  • OAUTH2 and OpenIDC

Experience in the following will be advantageous:

  • Golang development experience
  • Web development (full stack)
  • gRPC
  • Network protocol knowledge (for example, TCP, UDP, DHCP, and HTTP)
  • NGINX, Apache Tomcat, or other open-source web servers

Personality attributes

  • Hungry and eager to make a difference at a technical and operational level
  • A healthy self-esteem: you will be challenged by some bright minds on a regular basis
  • Good communication skills: you will need to explain your ideas to your teammates
  • The ability to get things done: we don’t like to micromanage, but we expect you to do the right thing
  • A tendency to think outside the box: innovation is valued highly at Entersekt
  • A preference to work in a team rather than by yourself
  • An attitude of being proud of your code and taking ownership

Apply for this position! Email your CV and cover letter to:

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