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Product Owner

The Product Owner is a member of the Agile Team who acts as the customer proxy. In this role, you are responsible for working with the Product Manager and other stakeholders to define and prioritize the product stories, thereby ensuring that the solution effectively addresses user needs while maintaining technical integrity.

The role

The product you will be working on is very technical, and so any knowledge and experience you have in the day-to-day technologies used by the team will improve your ability to draft detailed and clear product requirements.


Developing product requirements

  • With input from the Product Manager and other stakeholders, develop a consistent vision and the requirements for new product features
  • Translate client needs into technical requirements for a product
  • Build a product roadmap of incremental improvements and iterative development
  • Engage with current and future customers to understand their needs and challenges
  • Work very closely with the development team to define and grow the product, solve problems, and closely manage scope

Backlog grooming

With input from the Product Manager and other stakeholders, your primary responsibility is to enhance, groom, and maintain the backlog.

Support sprint planning

During the sprint planning meeting, you are the main source for user story details and priorities.

Just-in-time story elaboration

Backlog items are elaborated into user stories for implementation. This may happen prior to the sprint, during sprint planning, or during the sprint itself. While any team member can write user stories and acceptance criteria, you will carry the primary responsibility.

Maintaining product feature baseline

You are the person primarily responsible for accepting stories into the product baseline. This includes validating that the story meets user acceptance criteria, and is true to the product vision. In so doing, you also fulfil a quality assurance function, focusing primarily on fitness for use.

Public facing documentation

  • Own the full set of public product documentation, from knowledge-base articles and white papers, to implementation guides and API specifications
  • Support marketing in the development of press releases, and marketing collateral
  • Ability to effectively translate “business speak” into “tech speak”, and vice versa, to facilitate business requirements into technical implementations
  • Clearly articulate the product value-add to internal and external stakeholders

Skills & Experience

Successful candidates for the Product Owner role will generally possess the following qualifications:

  • Engineering or relevant development degree/experience
  • Exposure to different software product development functions (programming, UI design, QA)
  • 3–6 years’ experience in an Agile environment
  • Experience in a financial services, telecommunications, or mobile industry
  • Systems engineering and/or requirements management exposure (beneficial)
  • Previous experience in mobile payments systems such as development of a switch, or payment channel (e.g. point of sale, internet banking, USSD)

The following skills are not strictly necessary, but will be advantageous:

  • Java or Golang development experience
  • NoSQL databases, especially Cassandra
  • SOA and micro-service architecture
  • SOAP, Protobuff and REST API development
  • HA Proxy and load balancers
  • Cryptography and HSM integration
  • Docker
  • Server hardware
  • CI CD

Personality attributes

  • Understanding the big picture – the philosophical and practical aspects of what is being built
  • Domain knowledge of internet technologies and internet security
  • Strong technical communication skills – being able to share the product vision and exert technical influence
  • Knowing what will work – being able to empathize with customers regarding their needs, frustrations, and wishes
  • Passionate about the user experience
  • Obsessed with optimizing a product to achieve the business goals

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