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Data Warehouse Technical Lead

Entersekt is on a quest for a hands-on business intelligence (BI) developer to architect and build the data platform we use to support our business and customers. This is an exciting opportunity to build, scale, and evolve our data and analytics platform, which consolidates and integrates data from various systems for consumption by our decision makers. It also provides customer-facing insights and reporting.

The ideal candidate

  • Hungry and eager to make a difference at a technical and operational level
  • A healthy self-esteem – you will be challenged by some bright minds on a regular basis
  • Good communication skills – you will need to explain your ideas to your team mates
  • The ability to get things done – we don’t like micro-management, but we expect you to do the right thing. Scrum encourages commitment and dedication to meeting the team’s collective goal.
  • An ability to think outside the box – innovation is valued highly at Entersekt
  • A preference to work in a team and grow a team around you, rather than work alone
  • Pride in your work and a strong sense of ownership

The role

Use your expertise to interpret, extract, transform, and load data from disparate and unrelated systems into our central data warehouse. The data sources are varied, including production transaction systems, Jira, Salesforce, financial, and CRM systems, to name a few. A strong cross-functional understanding of enterprise data sources and APIs is an important part of the job, as are good communication skills to work successfully with multiple internal stakeholders.

You will also build tools, dashboards, checks, and automation to ensure ETLs and other jobs execute reliably, along with remediation and repair processes for ongoing maintenance.

In addition to this, part of the role involves setting up initial internal front-end reporting mechanisms for consuming views and aggregations from the final enterprise data warehouse to get users up and running. Full automated front-end reporting and dashboarding is not a core part of this role, but engagement of the analysts and developers who build these systems will be required to ensure end-to-end project success.


  • Design and build new data warehouse systems using cloud-based technology
  • Adapt, grow, and scale out existing data warehouse systems on cloud environments
  • Integrate into APIs from various systems to call and stream data into the warehouse
  • Build scripts and tools to import data from manual entry sources such as spreadsheets
  • Work with external consultants and internal software, operations, and product teams to achieve success in projects
  • Work with scrum masters, product owners, and senior stakeholders to translate scope into internal technical requirements
  • Assist an MIS team with the research and prototyping of various front-end reporting tools, including self-service and automation

Skills & Experience

Successful candidates will generally possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • A tertiary qualification in computer science or software development or certification in relevant BI technologies
  • Three or more years’ of ETL / BI development experience, preferably full stack
  • A sound understanding of BI best practices, relational structures, dimensional data modelling, SQL skills, data warehouse, and reporting techniques
  • PostgreSQL experience would be advantageous
  • Exposure to Amazon Redshift environments would be a plus
  • Exposure to the full SDLC, including solid understanding of scrum/agile methodologies
  • Prior experience in the automation of backend processes, including SSIS (or similar) packages, monitoring, scaling, error, and exception handling and remediation

Personality attributes

  • Attention to detail
  • A starter and a finisher
  • Determined problem-solver / challenge-lover
  • Team player
  • Knowledge sponge

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