Our product is Connekt. Our vision is converged acceptance. Our promise is the best in digital payments experiences, today.

Whether or not your organization already uses 3-D Secure, a brand-new specification from EMVCo and looming migration deadlines set by the payments networks mean your card division will be kept very busy over the next six to eight months.

Entersekt has deep understanding of the 3-D Secure protocol and its continuing evolution. Our mobile-optimized 3-D Secure solution was among the very first to be accredited by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Avoiding passwords, it proved extremely popular where deployed in Europe and Africa.

Entersekt has worked closely with industry stakeholders to ensure that our 3-D Secure 2.0 access control server was among the first to be certified by EMVCo. This time, we have bundled our offering with a set of APIs enabling a large and growing number of in-app mobile payments services. Our 3-D Secure compliant ACS will help you keep your customers safe while giving you the freedom to innovate with confidence.

It’s more than just an access control server and mobile-first authentication process; it’s a whole new set of payments experiences waiting to be switched on in your app.

Our solution at a glance

  • Significantly reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases card usage, and improves cardholder retention
  • Centers all your customers’ digital payments activities on your app, whether they are click-to-pay, scan-to-pay, tap-to-pay, or other means
  • Provides a one-touch authentication experience engineered for a mobile-first world
  • Enables customization of all permitted customer-facing visual and textual elements, whether app or browser-based
  • Serves risk engines with device and application context, including device type, operating system version, and geographic location
  • Covers sensitive non-payment use cases
Payments enablement

Secure, convenient payments enablement for digital commerce.


e-Commerce enablement for a mobile-first world.

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