Online Banking Authentication

Guarantee your banking customers protection from phishing and other online fraud – without using costly, clumsy one-time passwords.

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Card-not-present authentication


  • A banking transaction is initiated within a browser
  • Immediately, a mobile app displays the transaction details on your customer’s phone and prompts them to Accept/Reject it
  • They respond with a simple tap – there is no need to remember static passwords or enter cumbersome one-time passwords
  • If they press Accept, the confirmation message is relayed to your financial institution and the transaction is completed
  • If they press Reject, the transaction is stopped in its tracks


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  • Provides true out-of-band, two-factor authentication for login and transacting
  • Uses industry-standard X.509 digital certificates to authenticate the device and the financial institution (certificates are not tied to the SIM card or phone number)
  • Supports nonrepudiation through certificate-based transaction signing
  • Encrypts all communications end-to-end so that they cannot be accessed by any third party, including Entersekt
  • Pushes authentication prompts to the mobile device and requires a single tap for a response
  • Saves on SMS costs because all communication is packet data
  • Makes expensive, inconvenient hardware tokens redundant
  • Integrates with existing solutions (SOAP, RESTful, RADIUS, ISO 8583, SAML 2.0)
  • Deploys as a powerful SDK for incorporation into your organization’s mobile app or, where rapid rollout is required, the Transakt mobile app
  • Works with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and more
  • Requires little, if any, customer education

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