Muscling up on strong authentication: Best practices

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Boost the standard of strong authentication for online and mobile banking and fend off increasingly sophisticated attacks on your customers’ accounts

How have financial institutions with global clout approached the design of strong authentication for online and mobile banking? Where are regulatory bodies around the world moving in their security advisories to the industry – especially for securing high-risk, high-value digital transactions?

This white paper provides a short overview of the most important elements of an effective user and transaction authentication system. Think of it as a step-by-step workout routine for organizations that want to bulk up on security and pack that extra punch in the fight against cybercrime. ​


This white paper outlines:

  • Global guidance on strong authentication, including from the European Central Bank, the FFIEC, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • The seven key characteristics of a truly effective strong authentication solution for online and mobile banking


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